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FlatlandRT is a 2D ray tracer visualization tool.


Open Infra Platform

FlatlandRT FlatlandRT


FlatlandRT FlatlandRT FlatlandRT FlatlandRT

BlueFramework is divided into different parts e.g. Core, ImageProcessing, Rasterizer, and Engine.

The Core contains basic functionality for logging, vector and matrix algebra, string handling and some basic diagnostic functionality.

The ImageProcessing module offers basic functionality for image manipulation and loading and storing image files.

The Rasterizer is a thin abstract layer for graphic APIs such as Direct3D 11, Direct3D 12, OpenGL 3.x and up and Vulkan. Currently, there is a feature complete Direct3D 11 and Direct3D 12 implementation available (BlueFramework.D3D11RenderSystem, BlueFramework.D3D12RenderSystem). The OpenGL backend currently supports only a subset of the complete feature set of the Rasterizer module. The Vulkan implementation is still work in progress. As a user of the BlueFramework library, or more specifically as a user of the BlueFramework.Rasterizer module you program to an abstract interface that is internally mapped to the different render systems. This gives your application the advantage to use different graphic APIs by only writing code once.

The Engine module over functionality to download resources such as textures from URLs, a basic camera for first person and model view orientation, a view cube and basic resource management.


BlueGo is a tool which builds Boost, Qt and OpenSceneGraph libraries using Visual Studio 2010/12/13. You just have to start the application, select your configuration and hit the Build button- everything else works automatically. The application downloads the library, extracts it and builds it.